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Koi Kites

The Toymakers met a very kind elderly cat who showed them how to make paper koi kites.


Download the Koi Kite PDF page 1

Download the Koi Kite PDF page 2

These fish kites are easy to make and look beautiful hanging in the wind. Trace the pattern twice on plain or fancy wrapping paper. Glue the two halves together along the edge. Decorate with cutout scales, paint or glitter, don't forget the eyes!

I like to use two layers of paper and make V cuts in the top layer for scales, fold up the V tips so that underlayer peaks through.

Make a ring to fit in the mouth by folding a piece of 8 1/2 x 11 paper in half long ways and then fold again. Tape the ends together to make an "O" shape. Glue the "O" inside the fish's mouth. Punch holes for thread and hang from a pole or tree.

You can always enlarge the pattern to make a really big fish kite...

his home,
tidy mr. koi

~ Robert Wilson


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