The Toymaker's Mysterious Math Carnival

Welcome to the Secret Test Labs of The Toymaker's Workshop!

Hello, Toymakers! This is where I will be posting all the new toys for the Mysterious Math Carnival. Your job as a junior apprentice is to build the toys and let me know how they work.

Email your findings to


Mystery Toy 1

Mystery Toy 2

Mystery Toy 3

Mystery Toy 4

Mystery Toy 5

Mystery Toy 6

Mystery Toy 7

Mystery Toy 8

Mystery Toy 9

Mystery Toy 10

Mystery Toy 11


Mystery Toy 12


And a special thanks to all the wonderful toy testers....

• Liam Aguirre-Stanton
• Dot and Clio Hamilton
• Emily Kitchen
• Monica Cortada
• Sue Breedlove
• Mary Elizabeth Harbold
• Erinn and Rowan Cuddy
• Barbara Crispin
• Linda Armstrong
• Janice Lupas
• Kellie Servaas
• Elizabeth Weislak
• Michelle Maki
• MaCaybreh & Braelyn Daily
• Wil and Helen Dems
• Savyon Cohen
• Jennifer Hulick
• Valerie Waters
• Catherine Kirch
• Jan Poulsen
• Deborah Downey
• Samuel Bloom

• Lucy Pickett
• The Scheper Family
• Donna Zick
• Claudia Cummins
• Nicole S. Hale
• Paula Schultz
• Tammy Dobrosielski
• Kirsten

• Addy and Emma

And a special thanks to Dr. Marcia Popp and Dr. Cheryl Carrera for their expert advice and words of encouragement.


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