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“Learning is a treasure that will

follow its owner everywhere." ~ Chinese Proverb


Happy Back To School From The Toymaker!


"The object of education is to prepare the young

to educate themselves throughout their lives."

~Robert Maynard Hutchins



Knight's Battle at Haunted Histories

Print out this paper toy and make the knights fight on the ramparts.From my new book with J. H. Everett, Haunted Histories: Creepy Castles, Dark Dungeons, and Powerful Palaces.

Click here to download the PDF file


Check out the Haunted Histories website to read Virgil's Journal. There are lots of other creepy and wonderful things there like "Haunted Histories" Digital Trivia Cards.




"Anyone who thinks the art of conversation is dead ought to tell a child to go to bed." ~ Robert Gallagher


Hello and hello!

School has started and summer already seems like pleasant dream. I am not a morning person and miss that extra hour of sleep. On the bright side, I do like quiet mornings and being able to work in long stretches of calm.

Buckets of interesting things are happening here in the Toymaker's Workshop. I'm working like crazy on the Mysterious Math Carnival, trotting down to the post office every couple of days mailing out prints and letters to everyone that pledged for the book. A lovely army of toy testers is sending me feedback about how the toys are working. So it's all coming along nicely.

After four years in the making, my new book, Haunted Histories: Creepy Castles, Dark Dungeons, and Powerful Palaces is out. My writing partner, J. H. Everett, spent countless hours researching to get the history bits right and we both co-wrote and illustrated it. Our goal was to create a book series that our sons would enjoy reading so we tried to fit as much gross and weird stuff as we could. The illustrations are in black and white, which was a first for me.

I hope that this email finds you well and happy. I also hope that you find some time in the months ahead to learn something new, read a good book and spend time with people you love.


Best thoughts,

"O terque quaterque beatum”
We are three or four times blessed.




“Sunset and evening star,
And one clear call for me!
And may there be no moaning of the bar,
When I put out to sea”
~ Alfred, Lord Tennyson


A Sunset Box

Here is a little box the color of an autumn sunset. It's a nice size for stamps or paper clips. I keep address labels in mine.

There is also a black and white version that you can color yourself.

Click here...

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Flying Fishcars, Homemade hats, and too many tomatoes, read it here...

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My new book with J. H. Everett, Haunted Histories: Creepy Castles, Dark Dungeons, and Powerful Palaces, is in bookstores now! Meet Ghostorian Virgil Dante as he explores castles, dungeons and palaces all over the world.





“All the world is a laboratory to the inquiring mind." ~ Martin H. Fischer



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