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A Cheerful Valentine’s Day from the Toymaker’s Workshop!!

There are three new Valentine’s Day toys, a pink box for little chocolates, a red box for bigger surprises and a hanging heart ornament.
Valentine's Day Toys
Do make a few of them to surprise a special friend or neighbor.

I received an email from Emmaleigh, age five, enquiring about the Menorah that Puck the Polar Bear was working on, as mentioned in the December newsletter. Puck apologizes for the delay, he was a little confused as to how many candles were needed and thanks Miss E. for her help and advice in this matter.

A Menorah

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--Antoine de Saint-Exupery

January was a busy month. I’ve just finished illustrating a new children’s book and will be sending it off to the printer very shortly. It is called Bowregarde’s Hospital Help Book and its purpose is to help explain what things in a hospital might look like, smell like, feel like & sound like. It has been a long process and quite a challenge to draw things like MRI machines and gurneys in an interesting way. I am very excited about it and hope that the children that read it like it too.

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P.S. Happy Groundhog’s Day!


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