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We ourselves feel that what we are doing is just a drop in the ocean.

But the ocean would be less because of that missing drop. ~ Mother Teresa


A Magical Mermaid Puppet

Why do we love the sea?

It is because it has some potent power to make us think things we like to think. ~ Robert Henri



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Finger Puppets!

Put on a show with these little animal friends. Will they ride a boat? Will they find a cupcake?





Hello and hello!

You know, I had every intention of doing May flowers this month. Yes, times three! Been making May baskets and paper flowers for weeks now. Then, on my birthday, which was lovely, thanks for asking, I spent a good part of the day drawing the seashore and designing finger puppets.

When the Boy asked me if I had a nice birthday, I told him that I had indeed, that I'd drawn lots of meandering doodles and that pleased me very much. He said, "But mom, that's what you do every day."

And I replied, "Yes, but today, I was able to draw exactly what I wanted.

I wish for you a day where you get to do exactly the thing that that pleases you most.

Best thoughts,


"O terque quaterque beatum”
We are three or four times blessed.




To Risk
By: William Arthur Ward

To laugh is to risk appearing the fool.

To weep is to risk appearing sentimental.

To reach out is to risk involvement,

To expose feelings is to risk exposing your true self.

To place your ideas and
dreams before a crowd is to risk their loss.

To love is to risk not being loved in return,

To live is to risk dying,

To hope is to risk despair,

To try is to risk failure.

But risks must be taken because
the greatest hazard in life is to risk nothing.

The person who risks nothing, does nothing,
has nothing, is nothing


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Paper toys are an international language.

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And the day came when the risk it took to remain tightly closed in a bud was more painful that the risk it took to bloom. ~ Anais Nin

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The three great elemental sounds in nature are the sound of rain,

the sound of wind in a primeval wood, and the sound of outer ocean on a beach. ~ Henry Beston