Twelve downloadable easy-to-assemble toys that help with math skills

Would you like to create your own Mysterious Math Carnival?

With this downloadable PDF book you can print twelve toys that help you practice your basic math skills.

Have fun with addition and subtraction with The Turtle Arcade and Counting Clown Fish. Learn to skip count, a great way to get ready for learning multiplication tables, with Skippy the Psychic Lion. Feed The Picky Parrot as you practice fractions.

These easy-to-make printable toys turn learning into child's play.

Fifty-six page PDF Download


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The games in The Toymaker’s Mysterious Math Carnival were created to amuse and delight, but they can also provide children with opportunities to practice math concepts commonly introduced in grades K-3.

The paper toys that constitute the carnival are suitable for use in the classroom, for homeschooling, remedial practice, and afternoons of fun that just happen to have built-in ways to explore and practice mathematical concepts.

Each game meets a common core standard established by the states for the development of mathematical concepts and their practice, including the manipulation of real objects to promote mathematical understanding.

Marilyn Scott-Waters


Supporting the National Math Standards

• Turtle Arcade – Operations on numbers, addition, subtraction, multiplication.

• Animal Count – Counting and cardinality to 10.

• Grumpy Monkeys – Practice adding one digit numbers

• Counting Clown Fish – Practice adding two or more numbers, 1-10.

• Polygon Parade – Names of solid geometrical shapes, including tetrahedron, hexahedron, octahedron, dodecahedron, icosahedron. Practice with operations on numbers 1-10.

• The Psychic Lion – Foundations for multiplication, with practice counting forward and backward by 2s, 3s, 4s, 5s, 6s, 7s, 8s, 9s, 10s.

• The Picky Parrot – Visual fraction models, practice adding fractions. Understanding addition and subtraction of fractions as joining and separating parts referring to the
same whole.

• Multi-pies – Self-checking multiplication practice.

• The Ticket Booth - Practice matching numerals and coins, addition, matching sums with coins.

• Puppy Party Marbles – Addition practice, 1-10.

• The Dancing Clown and The Clever Person Award – Math is fun, and full of rewards you might not expect!

Thank you to Dr. Marcia Popp for her wonderful help and direction.