A Juggling Ball


Juggling is sometimes called the art of controlling patterns, controlling patterns in time and space." ~ Ronald Graham


A Juggling Ball

Practice your sewing skills by making one of these little felt beanbag balls.

Click here to download the PDF pattern for a Beanbag Ball

Here is how you sew the pieces to make the ball.

Cut out two pieces in contrasting colors of felt.

Whipstich the two pieces together leaving a three inch opening.

Cut the toe off of an old sock and fit inside ball.

Fill sock with beans, lentils or rice. Then fold over the flap and whipstich sock closed.

Finish sewing the outside felt covering closed.

Have fun playing catch with your new ball.


Happiness is a ball after which we run wherever it rolls, and we push it with our feet when it stops. ~ Johann Wolfgang von Goethe




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