seahorse carousel



The Otters have been asked by the Royal Toymaker to help his nephew Patrin deliver a carousel from the town of Merry-Go-Round to Bunville.

The pleasant, young Toymaker's apprentice will pick Charles and Brooke up to take them to the train station on Friendsday.

Fairy Note

Charles and Brook will fly to the Crossroads. From there they will take the train to to the town of Merry-Go-Round where they will pick up the Sea Horse Carousel. Brook is very much looking forward to driving the truck to Bunville.

The Otters immediately wrote a letter saying that they would be happy to help.

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Fish Car

Patrin is the Royal Toymaker's Apprentice. He wants to do a good job of delivering the carousel to Bunville. He has borrowed his Uncle's Fish Car to take the Otters to the train station. He is a little nervous about flying it but excited about visiting the town of Merry-Go-Round.

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